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Shenanigans is an Omaha-based Irish pub band. The six-member group, made up of two families - the Burkes and Kaufmans - combines foot-stompin’, hand-clappin’ Irish tunes with other popular genres, including oldies, acoustic rock, country, blues, and pop. 


What started out as one man with an acoustic guitar has turned into eclectic group of musicians, including six vocalists, a bassist, mandolinist, drummer, pianist, and an electric guitarist. Whatever your mood, the Shenanigans promise a pint-raisin’ good time during every song. 

Come for the beer, stay for the tunes, and join in on the shenanigans.


Shenanigans Irish Band

"Thig crìoch air an t-saoghal, ach mairidh gaol is ceòl"


Vocals | Guitar

I have been a life-long lover of music. I love when crowds engage and love when someone says we played their favorite song. My favorite thing about playing with the Shenanigans is that I get to play with my sons and my best friends. The Shenanigans slogan "Life may end but love and music will endure forever" is how playing with the band makes me feel. Slainte!

Tim Burke Shenanigans Irish Band


Vocals | Mandolin

I feel that the Shenanigan's set list is a soundtrack of my life, representing my Irish heritage, the oldies and country of my youth, the 90s rap of high school, and the beer drinking songs of college. So, if at the end of the night, the crowd is on their feet, singing our final song; I know that the band has done its job of adding a soundtrack to your evening.

Matt Burke Shenanigans Irish Band


Vocals | Piano | Bodhran  |  Drums

A lifelong lover of music, I play several instruments. However, due to my inability to focus on one thing for too long, I do not play any of them well. I love doing this as a way to have some fun with my friends and family. Grab a beer and join us!

Pat Burke Shenanigans Irish Band


Vocals | Bass

I've only loved music since I was seven. Been a drummer my whole life, but I took up the bass because we needed one. Turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. Love playing with my sons and my brother from another mother and his sons.

Bryan Kaufman Shenanigans Irish Band


Vocals | Percussion

I grew up listening to a mix of blues and country, with a sprinkling of 90s rap. The merge of families in the band has been a lot of fun. I really enjoy the great mix of people we get to meet during shows and making sweet
drum beats.

Luke Kaufman Shenanigans Irish Band


Vocals | Electric Guitar

The first time I saw the Shenanigans play, it was an all-Burke band.  The second time I saw them play, my dad had infiltrated the group.  The third time, I was playing guitar alongside them.  It’s probably no surprise that my brother joined as well.  There are countless reasons to love being in this band – quality family time, the love of music, community service, making people smile – but deep down, my true love is drinking beer and making sick guitar faces.

Justin Kaufman Shenanigans Irish Band
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