Pat & Matt Burke at Shenanigans Band Practice

For nearly 16 years, the Shenanigans have been entertaining bargoers and audiences with a mix of traditional Irish music and contemporary songs.

Although band members have come and gone, the Shenanigans are currently composed of two families of fathers and sons: the Burkes and the Kaufmans.

It all started when Bellevue resident Tim Burke attended a conference at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on behalf of his employer, OPPD. While in the Boston area, Burke went to several bars to hear bands playing Irish music. He liked the way they sounded and decided to start playing his own music.

Burke started out playing with his nephew, Greg Flattery, a music teacher at Lincoln Pius X High School. A friend of his heard his music and asked him to play at O’Brien’s Lounge in Omaha one night.

“We only had about two hours worth of music, and he said ‘play more, start over,’” Burke said.